Gymkhana Elite

Rules & Regulations

All the members are required to maintain and follow proper protocol and decorum while dealing with other members of the club. The following actions are specifically prohibited and are against the code of conduct.

  • Raising voice while communicating with fellow members or guests.
  • Being rude, impolite, or harsh language.
  • Using threatening gestures or language.
  • Getting involved in an assault or arguments with other club members or guests.
  • Unsocial activities in public such as using of phones in the hearing of fellow members.
  • Disrespecting other members directly or indirectly.
  • Abusing others verbally or physically.
  • Showing lack of empathy for others.
  • Rash driving, blowing horn and improper parking. Pedestrians has a right of way in the club premises.

Must Do at the Club

As a privileged member of the Club, you are expected and obligated to:

  • Display due respect and regard particularly towards senior/elderly members and ladies.
  • Customary wishing and greeting fellow members.
  • Using courteous language while corresponding with the club.
  • Maintaining a humble gesture to everyone and following the universal dress code while inside or outside the club premises.

Actions with dishonest intentions

All the members are required to be honest in all their dealings with Club, staff and other members. As a member of the club, you should not be:

  • Avoiding signing in guest registers.
  • Intentionally signing chits with wrong name and number.
  • Tipping waiters and staff intently so as to receive personal attention.
  • Making wrong declarations, false scores, and cheat while the game of cards is continuing.
  • Evading club dues or bills inappropriately.